Tuesday, August 12, 2008

I Love...

I love a good pedicure. There is nothing like it. You get to soak your feet in a warm water jacuzzi while sitting in a massage chair. Then, you get your feet cleaned, scrubbed, massaged, and painted. Every time I get one, I feel like a million bucks afterwards.

I can paint my own toenails, but it never looks as good as a real pedicure. I got one last night. I figured that I deserved it after my 16+ mile run on Saturday. I did complete what I needed to run, though my Garmin was malfunctioning. I am not sure exactly how far I ran or my time, but I know I did at least 16 miles.

Bill deserves a pedicure, too. He ran about 11 miles on Saturday, then participated in the UNC Wellness Super Sprint Triathlon for the second year in a row. Despite the rain, he did very well. He improved all of his times over last year except for T2. We expect it took longer since his shoes were soaked through and hard to get on. I was very proud of him. He would NEVER actually get a pedicure, but he does deserve something nice for all of his hard work.

I think after the half marathon (19 days away!), I may have to get another pedicure. I may need a facial, too.


Maggy said...

Congratulations to both of you!!

I can't believe you, Susan, actually ran 16 miles. That's amazing, and you have continued to improve over and over again. Good going!

Tinsie said...

Pedicures are a treat, even if (like me) you've not run anywhere!