Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Sometimes the best things are the simple things

We had a really great weekend. There was nothing special about it - it was just a good weekend.

On Friday night, we ate at home. We made our favorite pizza - a Hawaiian with Canadian bacon and pineapple. Then, we took our dogs for a walk. After the walk, we came home and watched the movie "21" about counting cards at Blackjack. It was a really good and interesting moving.

On Saturday, Bill and I ran our respective longest runs of the season. Bill went 16 miles with his group. I moved up to a faster pace group. They nearly kicked my butt, but I did manage to go the 14 miles I was scheduled to run. We were pleased to find our pups did well and did not destroy anything when we returned home. It was a longest mark for them, too. It was about 5 hours that they were alone. I think they were very happy to reunite in the backyard. After we all ate breakfast, we relaxed around the house until it was time to go to class. It was Misty and Lily's first training class. Both did well, and we have high hopes for each. For dinner, we made a pasta with fresh veggies and chicken. We saw "The Bucket List" - another good movie.

On Sunday, we had our day of rest. Bill did go for a bike ride, while I decided to finish a great book I was reading (Eye of the Beholder by David Ellis - very good). We relaxed around the house with our pups, then grilled steaks for dinner. We watched "The Other Boleyn Girl".

It was not a particularly spectacular weekend. We really stayed around the house most of the time. We did relax, and we did spend time together as a family. I think that is what made it such a great weekend.


Lesley said...

Sounds delightful! Glad to hear the obedience class went well too.

Tinsie said...

Hope this weekend is just as great!