Thursday, July 17, 2008

Reason #128 Why I love my Husband

This past Sunday, Bill participated in the Triangle Triathlon. It was his second tri event, but this one was different from the first. Instead of a pool swim, this swim took place in an open lake. With all the the problems we have been having lately, Bill wasn't really able to train for the race. Sure, he had been biking and running, but he was only able to go to the pool once.

Bill headed into the lake with his group with a big smile on his face. When I saw him get out of the lake, I was nervous. I had never seen him look so tired or defeated. The swim took more out of him than he imagined. I was afraid he would not be able to finish the race.

By the time I moved to the transition area, Bill was already heading out on the bike. I watched him come in, and saw him leave for the run. My guy finished the race in under 2 hours (did I mention that he ran 12 miles the day before the race) and he had a huge smile on his face.

Bill finished what he set out to do. He never gave up, he never gave in. When he finished, he was smiling because he achieved his goal. It is perseverance and strength of character. I was and am very proud of him. And that is reason #128.


Maggy said...

Way to go Bill! Quite a wonderful accomplishment, and I admire your fortitude and perseverance.

I am proud of both of you and am joyful of your close bond.

WufPirate said...

My uncle Patrick Turner did this too! He won his group! More power to the fellas!

racephan™ said...

Congrats to Bill. He makes it look easy. Sorry I couldn't be there.