Wednesday, July 16, 2008

So much for best behavior

Well, our dogs seem to be settling in the house. Last night, they were calm and relaxed. We thought that we adopted two chilled out little doggies. Tonight is a whole other ball game.

Little Lily is an instigator. She loved to pounce on Misty. They will go at it and wrestle each other like crazy. They are good about it. They don't really run, but just jump on each other. They have done that several times tonight. We introduced them to their new back yard, and they went at it. They were running and wrestling all over the place. The wrestling continued inside, then a nap, and then more wrestling. We thought they were burnt out, but they started up again. Poor Bill is exhausted, so he and Lily are in the master bedroom. Misty is here with me as I type. We hope breaking them up will allow them to relax a bit. I don't need much sleep, but I sure hope I don't wake up to wrestling at 3 am.


Maggy said...

I suppose the dogs are feeling more secure with their new surroundings. Hopefully Lily is past the puppy stage and won't be chewing things she shouldn't. I'm sure they have toys, and when you're away from home, they also have each other. Maybe they will be able to run with you. Our dog always wants to stop and sniff everything when she walks with me therefore I can't take her when I want to exercise.

Seems like Misty and Lily will keep you busy. Keep us posted!

Susan Mo said...

They do keep us busy. They have done pretty well so far. Lily is a prankster and she likes to play. She is always jumping on Misty. Poor Misty will sit next to me, looking up with her brown eyes hoping for peace and quiet.

They are pretty good on walks. They don't sniff too much - Sammy used to pee two drops on everything she smelled. We haven't tried running yet.