Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Another Lost

This morning, we received a beautiful note from our neighbors informing us that their dog, Barley, passed away yesterday.

Barley was the sweetest girl. She always had a tail wag for you if she saw you in the yard, no matter how bad she felt. She may have been stiff and sore, but she would get up and wag her tail until you came to her.

I know our friends are hurting. Barley was 14 years old, and they had her since she was a puppy. The dog has been a part of their lives since before they were married.

My only solace is that Barley is not in pain anymore. She is running free and happy with Sammy now. I bet they are chasing each other and enjoying the wonderful treats in Heaven.

There is a wonderful poem about losing pets. It has made me feel better, but it also makes me cry. If you have never seen it, please read The Rainbow Bridge.


Maggy said...

Sorry to hear of your neighbors' loss of Barley. What a coincidence of the losses being so close.

The Rainbow Bridge poem is lovely.

So difficult to lose our loved ones.

Melanie said...

Our pets are a part pf our family and it is a big loss when we lose them. I am so sorry to hear about your loss of your nephew too. Sending you some big hugs girl.

My oldest will be at State next month so I guess I will be traveling to Raleigh more. We should meet up some time, maybe catch a Canes game.