Tuesday, January 29, 2008

SAG Goodness!

I am so glad that the Writer's Guild gave the Screen Actors Guild a waiver to hold there awards show this past Sunday night. After the disaster that was The Golden Globe Awards, I was ready for some red carpet sizzle. I was not disappointed.

Sure, the awards part is great and interesting enough (Charles Durning stormed the beach at Normandy in WWII, killing 8 enemy before being shot himself, the only survivor of his unit - who knew?), but I really go for the clothes. Even better that watching the red carpet arrivals is the day after fun fest on E! called Fashion Police. I love Debbie and Mr. Jay with whoever may fill the next seat (Peter the Brit this time). They are catty, funny, and always have an opinion. I love how they gush over one actress (like Christina Applegate in this gorgeous frock), then slam the next. So great - the highlight of the awards season for me.

I just hope those writers are cool in a few weeks when it is Oscars turn...

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