Tuesday, January 01, 2008

2008 is great!

We rang in the New Year with great friends last night. Our friends, Janet and Dan, called on Saturday to see if we wanted to do something for New Year's Eve. Janet had seen a restaurant in nearby Hillsborough that was having a special dinner. We went to dinner at 9:00 and enjoyed a wonderful 4 course feast. The food was really delicious. We were able to sit at our table until just before midnight when we headed to the bar to watch and participate in the countdown. It was so nice to ring in a brand new year with friends.

So, now, 2008 is here and it is time to make resolutions. I have never been really good with resolutions, but I do have some things I want to accomplish this year.

1. I want to manage my weight again. I have been way too easy on my diet - heck, I have not followed one in over a year. I need to watch what I eat. Period.
2. I want to continue running and work up to at least a 10K this year. Bill and I have already checked out runs for this year and found a few we want to do.
3. I want to continue to try new things and do the things that I have always wanted to do. I have already signed up for a beginning yoga class and an Indian cooking class in '08.
4. I want to decide if I should stay in The Junior League. It may be that my attention would be better used elsewhere and for a different organization. I know at least 2 people think I should quit the League.
5. I want to travel this year. I want to go to Germany as well as visit family and friends.
6. I want to de-clutter my life. I want to get rid of the stuff I don't need and simplify my life.
7. I want to continue to enjoy my job and my co-workers.
8. I want to spend time with my husband, my dog and my friends.
9. I want to earn that plate on the wall at The Flying Saucer!
10. I want to be more flexible and more relaxed.

So much to do and no time like January 1 to start!


Maggy said...

You were so busy over the holidays with lot's of fun filled days which I enjoyed hearing about. Your New Year's resolutions sound healthy and reasonable and will again keep you busy. Best of luck to you, and all best wishes to both of you and your cute dog for a very happy new year!

Keep us posted about the decisions and results of your resolutions.

Susan Mo said...

Thanks, Maggy! I hope to keep up with them. I will keep y'all posted