Friday, January 11, 2008

Our President to Be

My sister-in-law sent me a link to a quiz about the upcoming Presidential election. Just answer 11 questions and rank them in importance, and the results will tell you which candidate agrees with your views. Take the quiz by clicking here.

My results were not a total surprise. My highest match was with Hillary Clinton with a score of 42. She was closely followed by Bill Richardson with a score of 41 (too bad he dropped out of the race yesterday!). Obama was tied with Edwards at 39 points, and Fred Thompson was dead last. Like I said, I am not surprised - I am a Democrat after all. Time to do some more research!


racephan™ said...

OMG, no way. I just took this test and it says my top candidate is Kucinich followed by 7 democrats, 3 other republicans and than my guy. I think its calculating based on what it thinks are these guys positions. I vote based on who I think is telling the truth and can actually do any of what they say. Kucinich...umm, no. haha

Melanie said...

My results were Kucinich with a 35 being my highest. Interesting.... Not my choice. Thanks for sharing the poll.