Thursday, January 10, 2008

Go President Adams!!

The President of UGA sent a letter to the NCAA (he is one of the Board members) outlining a proposal to do away with the BCS system. He would like to see a playoff for the football national championship. He proposes to take the top 8 teams and have them fight it out for the championship on the field over 3 weeks.

Some other members are against the proposal. They would like the traditional ties the certain bowls (like the Rose Bowl) have with certain conferences to continue. They also question whether fans would actually travel to three different sites for their favorite school.

In a non scientific poll at the bar last night with my beer drinking buddies, we determined that the proposal was a great idea. We all agreed that the BCS is lacking (or flat out does not work). We also agree that fans are fans and they will support their school wherever they go. It would also mean more money for the NCAA in TV agreements.

Can we start in 08-09?

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