Wednesday, November 07, 2007


I think I have a problem. It seems that I cannot stick with one thing. I have tried many things in recent years (Tai Chi, interior decorating, feng shui, meditation, art class, writing), but nothing seems to stick. I go into the task thinking that it will be so interesting and fun. I do get enjoyment out of it for awhile, but then I quit. Is it because it is too hard? It is because I have ADD and get bored? Do I lack self confidence? I don't really know.

I have been running now since about March. When I was out Tuesday morning, I began to seriously question what I was doing. Is running becoming my latest passing fancy? I don't know. It could be that I was cold, then I was warm. Maybe I was just tired. All I know is that I did not really want to be running. I hope it does not continue. I don't want it to be the latest thing that I have tried, then given up. After all, I still have the Junior League to quit...

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Melanie said...

I have that problem. With writing, I managed to finish several stories and then the last one I started never got finished. I got burned out. I do need to start working out, but once I get home, I'm too lazy to do it. I think I need to join a gym again. That worked out much better since I would do it on my way home from work.