Sunday, November 11, 2007

Black Rules!!

The Georgia Bulldogs showed up to play Auburn yesterday in new black jerseys. It is something that the seniors wanted to do for their last game between the hedges. It worked beautifully!!

The Dawgs smashed the Auburn Tigers 45-20 in a fantastic football game. I am thoroughly impressed with red shirt Freshman running back Keoshawn Marino. He is going to be the future on Dawg football. He, and the rest of the team, looked great yesterday against one of our bigger rivals. Now, we just need that horrible orange crew from Tennessee to lose one of their last 2 games.

We called my sister-in-law twice during the game. There was no answer, but we did leave messages for the Auburn Alumna. Hee hee, I love a good beating!! (the Canes also won 5-3 versus Atlanta!)

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Lesley said...

I saw parts of that game on TV, and was impressed by how good Georgia looked. Quite a good showing on national TV! Gotta love it! (Wish the Blue Devils could learn some football-playing lessons from the Bulldogs!)