Tuesday, November 13, 2007

My Honey Can Do!

My honey had a very productive Sunday. He hung the bicycles from the ceiling in the garage to get them out of the way of the cars. He hung 2 shelves in the bar so we can enjoy the various beer glasses we have gotten at The Sauce. He hung the new curtain rods and curtain in the dining room as well. Major brownie points for my baby! The best part - after installing the curtains, he said he really liked them and wondered if I was going to get the same set up for the living room. Guess what we will be doing this weekend?


Maggy said...

Great job by your dear husband! When is he coming to my house?

Melanie said...

Good job Bill! We need to hang our bikes up so they will be out of the way, but still easy to get to. One more thing on the long list!