Sunday, November 18, 2007

Hangin' with The Gravy Boys

Bill and I went to a little restaurant in Pittsboro last night to have dinner and see our neighbor play with his band, The Gravy Boys.

When I first heard my neighbor was in a band, I immediately pictured a rock band. That is the style of music that I listen to, so I just made an assumption that that was the sort of music he was playing. Tom sent us a link to their website, and I listed to some clips from their CD. The music is Americana in style - kid of a down home, bluesy, folksy mix. I was terribly disappointed. Tom is a good friend, so we went to see him play. Boy, were were surprised.

The Gravy Boys are absolutely amazing live. Their music is so pure - no electronics masking their sound - just guitar, stand-up bass, harmonica, and sometimes a fiddle or banjo thrown in. Last night, we saw them for the second time. I think we have now become even bigger fans of The Boys. If you live in the local area, do yourself a favor and look for The Gravy Boys' next performance. I am sure that you will become a fan as well.

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