Monday, July 02, 2007

Wild and Horrible West Virginia

This past weekend was our annual trip to West Virginia to go whitewater rafting and camping. It was not exactly an idyllic weekend. Here are a few things that went wrong:

1. We were supposed to take Friday off. I did, but Bill was stuck at work with the big move. He was not able to take the day off nor did he get off early - he got off work about an hour late.

2. I went to take Sammy to the kennel for the weekend. No one made a reservation for her and the kennel was full.

3. It was pouring down rain at about 7:00 pm Friday evening when we were trying to pack the car.

4. We argued about whether to even go, but did decide to go. We arrived in WV at about 10 minutes to midnight.

5. The stupid, drunk idiots in the area next to our campground kept all of us up until about 4:30 am.

6. It started raining again. Sammy got to sleep in a tent (OK, that one is actually a good thing).

7. I fell out of the boat.

8. I fell out of the boat during the only rapid to have a photographer.

9. The entire falling was captured on film.

10. My "friend" Janet bought the picture with my leg pointed straight in the air as I tumbled around in the water. She thought it was a good picture.

There were points in between that were actually good - Our friends all pitched in to get our tent set up, our boat was the only one on our trip, we spent the weekend with Sammy who was wonderfully well behaved, and we sat around the campfire and drank beer most of Saturday night.

Still, I think I am retired from the whitewater adventures.

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mac1995 said...

I'm sorry we missed it! Sounds like a great time, right? Hopefully we can join you guys next year after wedding.