Thursday, July 05, 2007

4 on the 4th

I did it!! I completed the 4 on the 4th four mile race in Carrboro yesterday morning. I finished the race in second to last place. The only person I beat was a 60ish year old man who had abdominal surgery last week and could not run. He walked the course. I finished in about 55:48 (I have not checked the official time) which was within my goal of 56 minutes.

Yes, I am a painfully slow runner. Yes, I was a little bummed being paced by the city truck that was picking up the cones after the race. Yes, I wish I was faster and could have beaten that one lady I ran behind the whole race. Yes, I took 3 walk breaks that were about 200 yards total. But, the point really is that I finished the race. Three months ago, I could not have run a 1/2 mile. Yesterday, I ran 4. It is something to build on, to train to get better. I have already signed up for the next training course in the fall. I have the Carrboro 10K in October, you know.

What did we do for the rest of the day? Read, sat around the house, and watched a movie. I didn't see a single firework, but it was a good 4th for me.


mac1995 said...

Great job! I am very proud of you, because I don't think I could run 4 miles. Good job!

Maggy said...

I'm having a little trouble posting a comment. Hope it works today. It's fantastic that you completed the 4 mile race. It doesn't matter about the time. You have improved greatly in a short time. Enjoy the success!