Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Bill and I did finally have our weekend of nothing. It was wonderful!! We slept in late, read books (The Prada Paradox was great!), watched movies (Music & Lyrics, Ghost Rider, Marie Antoinette), and relaxed!! I had a "Joyce" day on Sunday - that's a family phrase which means that I did not even get out of my pjs during the day.

Now, we are back in the swing of things and going out tonight. I am ridiculously (isn't Ridiculous the spell you use to defeat the Boggart?) the excited to say that we are going to see a sneak preview screening of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix tonight courtesy of Citi/Smith Barney. I am sure my stockbroker meant for it to be a family outing - something to take the kids to see. I am 35 years old and can't wait to see the new film! Yes, I am 35 on the list and the library to get book 7! Feel free to tell me who dies, though. I hate to cry, so I would rather know what is going to happen before I read it. I wish I knew who is going to die...

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