Thursday, July 26, 2007

Sweet/Not So Sweet

  • My husband made me a special dinner last night. He went shooping at Whole Foods, and devised a menu which he printed up in Word. Last night, Cafe Morrison served: strawberry spinach salad, grilled shrimp, baked chicken stuffed with apple raisin herb dressing, Scandanavian potato salad, lemon tart, and strawberry & blackberry tart. There was also a selection of specialty beer. It was as good as it sounds.
  • My company does a loss incentive bonus. It encourages all employees to work effeciently and mimimize waste. After your 6 month review, you are eligible. If your review is good, you will get a retroactive bonus for your share since the day you started. I found out yesterday that my bonus was put in with my July payroll. I was expecting maybe $100 - it is more than 1 month's salary!!! And the Nordstrom sale is still going on!
  • I got my copy of Harry Potter #7 from the library.
  • The air at work has been fixed.
  • I ran a new distance this morning - 3.5 miles!! I ran the whole way and felt pretty good at the end.

Not So Sweet

  • My car is in the shop. They can't figure out what is wrong with it. The "Failsafe Engine Mode" will click on every once in a while. The car loses about 50% of its power. It will reset if I pull over and shut off the motor. I hope it doesn't happen when I am on the highway.
  • My friend used the words "heartbroken" and "bawling" in her review of HP #7. I don't want Ron or Hermoine to die! I'm scared!
  • I still can't find a bathing suit that I like. I need a second one for Antigua, but I look horrible in all of them. What's the point of running 10 miles a week? I'll keep running anyway.


Maggy said...

What a wonderful dinner! Yummy!

Congratulations on your bonus. I've never received a bonus that large.

Running 3.5 miles is awesome in my book. I can't run .5 miles. I had a small meltdown in the gym today with my new trainer. I haven't worked out in a little over a year, and he's really been working me hard. It isn't easy! I hope you enjoy the running.

You're a great shopper, so I know you will find a bathing suit or else you will have to come to Florida to shop where we have many to choose from.

Have a fun weekend!

Susan Mo said...

Thanks Maggy! I was/am very excited about that bonus. It was actually more than I net in a month, not the gross figure. Also, I didn't even think about the 401 K or savings or taxes that were taken out of the total. About half of the original amount actually hit my checking account. Nordstrom and Banana Republic will get most of it.

I did find a bathing suit, finally, last week. I like it. I have such a weird body shape - definitely bottom heavy. It will work!

Tinsie said...

Awww a month's bonus - now that's exciting!! The bonuses where I work are worth next to nothing :-(