Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Thinking about vacation

This time of year rolls around, and I start thinking about vacation. I guess it is the long winter months and coming off of the holidays that makes me think of my next time off. I am also an obsessive/compulsive planner. I want to know what is going on, and when it will happen. So, I am researching a variety of different vacation alternatives.

I think my top choice is a cruise. You get so much bang for your buck with a cruise. You get to enjoy the benefit of changing scenery and exotic locales without moving your clothes. My current obsession is a Bermuda cruise. I found two today that seem promising. One is a 5 day cruise from Baltimore (very easy drive), the other is a 7 day cruise from Philadelphia. I'm liking the Baltimore idea because we could spend an extra day there, and I have never been. I do wonder, however, if a 5 day cruise will be enough. But will 7 be too long? A seven day cruise means 4 days in Bermuda. Will that be too much? Too many choices!

There is always a different location. I was looking at Yellowstone. Those brochures make me tired - there is so much driving involved. Then there is the whole rustic/camp thing. Let's face it - I'm a girl who likes to be pampered.

Maybe Montreal? We have been talking about that for a few years. I have never been to Canada.

Well, there will be no decisions today. The saga will continue...

I guess I shouldn't be too upset - Boston is already booked for June! But, do family visits (even to a really cool city) actually count as vacation?

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