Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Live Music

Last night, Bill and I went to The Lincoln Theater in Raleigh to hear some live music. The venue was great. It is a small place, but very comfortable. There are seats near the stage, and plenty of room for standing (we had to stand). There are a series of short walls where one can lean, so it wasn't bad to stand. There is no smoking downstairs which was great for us. We saw Crosby Loggins (son of Kenny Loggins) as the opening act. He was pretty good. There were only 3 members of the band. Crosby plays guitar while two other guys played a violin and a box, respectively. Yes, I wrote a box. The guy sat of a music box and played it with his hands. It served as the percussion. It is a real instrument. The main act was Joe Bonamassa. He is a bluesy rock guitarist who sings. I have to say, he is the best guitar player I have ever seen. He made amazing sounds. I have never seen anyone play so quickly. He was accompanied by a bassist and a drummer (who was amazing as well). If they are heading to a city near you, I would recommend seeing them live.

PS - We had dinner at the Flying Saucer and I added 2 beers to my tally. I now have 15 beers out of my 200!

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