Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Gotta love President's Day!

My company has a unique employee benefit. We get two floating holidays a year. A floating holiday, per se, is not unique, but the way it is handled here is. You have to pick which 2 days you will take at the beginning of each year. They give you a list of minor holidays, but you can choose any day of the year you would like. I chose President's Day and Columbus Day. It was great to be able to have the whole day to myself on Monday. Guess what I did? Shopping, of course!!

I went grocery shopping in the morning, them straight to the nearest mall. I got some great shoes at my mecca, Nordstrom, and purchased some cute clothes at Express. I used all my coupons to get good deals from Bath & Body Works and Victoria's Secret (the tiniest string thongs you have ever seen, but it was free!). I met my wonderful husband for lunch, then went to two other shopping centers. I also shopped online (Banana Republic - mecca #2- was having a great sale, but I couldn't find my sizes in the store). That's a great day for me - unlimited shopping in sparsely crowded malls!!

I can't wait until October 8 for my next floating holiday!!

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