Wednesday, February 14, 2007

It's good to have friends

I have been trying to get on this website to blog, but had problems all day yesterday. So, finally, I can talk about my weekend and beyond.

Saturday was a day of working on the JL newsletter and finally finishing the first draft. After that first, we had another first - our first Supper Club. Three couples met at a local restaurant for out first outing. It was great fun. Our friends are very interesting and we found some previously unknown links. It was great to hang out with everyone. The three ladies in the group all met through an interior design class we took last year. Since then, Janet and I have taken 2 other classes together, and I convinced Urvi to join The League. Now, we share Supper Club as well. I love that we can still do things and have fun.

Janet and I went to an interior design seminar Monday night at a local design group. It was interesting to hear a professional talk about design. One of the biggest points was that design is everywhere - it is present in the way you dress and the way you arrange food on a plate. I like that thought.

I just wish I had a few more friends on the newsletter committee. The President sent back her thoughts today. I feel like she tore my baby into shreds. I no longer have plans for Saturday. I was so proud when I sent it out. Now, I am back to the drawing board. The last draft took about 10 hours and 1/2 gallon of tears. I hope to make the revisions in half the time without tears.

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