Tuesday, January 06, 2009

It Can Only Get Better

Well, 2009 didn't exactly start the way I had hoped it would.

I ate a lunch of tacos at my desk on December 31. I started feeling poorly not too soon after that lunch. But, I had work to do, and I worked through it (until 5:30 I may add). Finally, it was time to leave and enjoy the start of a brand new year.

We met our friends at their place for a trip to a local restaurant. We were going to enjoy a six course meal with a live band, party favors, and a champagne toast at midnight. I made it through the appetizer course with no problem. The soup was very good. Things started getting worse when the salad was brought to the table. By the time that was finished, I asked the waitress to please pack my entree in a to go box. Unfortunately, it was too late to keep the secret from the rest of my party, especially when I had to leave the table at the sight and smell of their dinners.

We left the restaurant shortly thereafter. After dropping off our friends, I had to ask Bill to pull over to the side of the road where I left the dinner I was able to eat (Maggy - sound like someone you know? I think I was channeling Mom!) We made it home at about 11:00 pm.

I was upset at letting our friends down and wasting money on a big dinner I could not eat. Luckily, I felt much better after our pit stop by the road. In the end, we lay in our bed with Misty and Lily and watched the ball drop from Times Square.

It was not the way I had planned to ring in the New Year, but I was with my family - the person and the canines I love the most. It wasn't ideal, but it was pretty nice.

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Maggy said...

Haven't visited this site in quite awhile. I knew you didn't feel well New Year's Eve, and now I know more. It does sound like your mom.

Glad all is better!