Thursday, January 29, 2009

Susan's Ring of Honor Party

Last night, I achieved one of the goals on my Bucket List. I got a plate on the wall at my local Flying Saucer. A two year quest had come to the end. I drank 200 different beers, and now will be forever memorialized on a plate with a saying of my choice.

I decided to make mention of that Bucket List goal, but I also wanted to thank my beer drinking friends who have supported me in this endeavor. So, I added a shout out to my buddies B, T, H, M, and J. I think the best part of the evening was that BTHMJ were all there with me when my plate was unveiled. Good friends, good beer - what more could a girl want? Thank you, J, for the photos!


Tinsie said...

Congratulations! That's quite an achievement :-)

Maggy said...

I finally came here to read and see the photos. Congratulations! Now I know what a plate looks like, and I understand the BTHMJ. Isn't it great to have friends?!