Sunday, October 05, 2008

A Great Night for Beer

Last night, Bill and I volunteered at The World Beer Festival. It is a huge festival with close to 100 booths each representing different breweries. Each booth gives out 2 oz. samples of their beers. It was the first time we had attended the festival as volunteers, not patrons. We weren't sure what to except.

We met Wednesday night for a volunteer seminar. At that time, we signed up to help out at the Breckenridge Brewery booth. We were familiar with Breckenridge, so we knew it would be a good choice.

There was no one from the brewery with us at the booth. Just 3 cases each of 4 of their beers : The 471 IPA, the Avalanche Amber Ale, the Oatmeal Stout, and the Vanilla Porter. Things started slow at 6:00 pm, but before we knew it, we were pouring beer non-stop. It was so cool to talk to the beer drinkers. It was fun to see the reactions of each person as they took a sip of the sample. The Vanilla Porter was by far a favorite. It is such a unique taste - I don't think there is any other beer like it. It was a huge hit - people were coming to the booth saying they were sent to try the porter. So, of course, we ran out halfway through the session. Still, everyone was so cool. There was not a single asshole all night. We must have served 500 people, so those odds are amazing. Then again, everyone there loves beer and was drinking, so there is not much to be unhappy about.

It may have been better without running 16 miles that morning (Bill actually ran 26 miles!), but it is an event I would certainly do again. We were able to try a few of the other beers and we definitely drank a bit of Breckenridge (no use keeping those bottles with just a sip or two for the patrons). We are looking forward to the party for the volunteers in about 10 days. All in all, a great way to spend a Saturday!!

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Michelle said...

We truly enjoyed serving the Great Divide Brewing Co.'s beers. What a wonderful way to interact with hundreds of different people who are extremely happy to be there. Can you blame them?

Other than a little too much consumption, we had a GREAT time pouring and we would volunteer again.