Sunday, October 19, 2008

Tri and Suceed!

Today, my friend Heather and I did something new. We became triathletes. We participated in the Ramblin' Rose Women's Triathlon.

Our morning started very early. We were at the race site by 7am. It was dark and it was cold. We were bundled up in coats, gloves, and hats. We had no choice, though, as the transition area closed at 7:45. We picked up our chips, got body marked, and set up our transitions. Then, we waited. My swim time was 9:25; Heather's swim time was 10:00. We tried to find spots of sunlight and cheer on our fellow competitors. Soon it was time.

I stripped down and headed into the pool area. Thank goodness that it was an indoor pool. It was awfully cold when I took off my warm-ups and stood barefoot in my swim outfit. I met all the ladies who were swimming around me, and we talked about our tri experience. I was glad to know that I was not the only newbie to the sport. Then, I was in the pool. I loved the pool. The 250 yard swim went quickly. I soon passed 2 competitors, then I was soon passed by 2 more. I really liked the swim - I felt good and strong. I was out of the pool and on my way to transition. Yep, barefoot and wet into the transition area in the cold. No wonder after a 7:15 swim, it took me 3 minutes and 35 seconds to get ready for the bike.

I was off on my bike when I felt the chain slip. I thought I had a big problem, but luckily, I was able to down shift, then shift back up to get my bike going again. I was quickly passed on the first long hill, but I soon found my rhythm. I made my way through the gorgeous homes around the venue. I spent the time checking out the Obama vs. McCain signs in the yards (3 McCain signs and about 25 Obama signs). The wind was blowing and I was cold, despite my jacket, earmuffs, and gloves. I was still pretty wet after all. But, the nine miles passed quickly in 46 minutes and 47 seconds. I was back in transition.

Transition was much faster this time - 2 minutes and 1 second, but my legs were shot. I was very wobbly as I moved to the run. I was glad to see that about 80% of the women were walking at some point in the 2 mile run. I was one of them. I made it to the 1 mile turn around, and headed back. I think I got my legs back as I neared the finish. I was able to run strong toward the finish line. It was a great feeling to finish my first tri. Bill was right there to take pictures. I finished the run in 27:07.
We cheered on Heather as she finished. I was so surprised how much fun I had and how good I felt at the finish. It was a truly fun event. I will definitely train for my next tri (no more procrastination!) and I know I will beat my 1:26:44 time. After all, tri and tri again!!