Thursday, October 09, 2008

Dow closes below 9000

I just saw the headline that the Dow closed lower than 9000 today. I have not checked my portfolio in long time, and now I am too scared to look. When and where will the slide end?

I received an interesting e-mail a few minutes ago from a local shop. The shop has to pay a $10,000 business loan, but lacks the money due to poor sales recently. They are asking their patrons to donate $50 per person to keep the store afloat. Wow, I wonder how many local businesses will be taken down in the current economic climate?

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Tinsie said...

That is scary. Not the Dow, but the local shop asking for help. I don't have a portfolio, so I don't really care what the stock exchange is doing, but if it meant local shops had to ask for donations, I'd be very concerned indeed :-(