Monday, June 04, 2007

After a Long weekend...

We had a very good, but long weekend.

We spent Friday night at home, since it seems like we do not do that often anymore. We grilled up some great German sausages, and saw the movie Catch and Release. It is definitely a chick flick, but I liked it.

Saturday began at 6:15 am with a walk for our doggie. Bill and I took Sammy out before we headed to meet the folks from the Piedmont Chevy Car Club for our day at Bruegger's Bagels. Our friend, Mike, recently opened a Bruegger's store. He thought a classic car show would help bring in customers. By my account, it sure did! There were 9 of us from the club, plus about 12-15 other folks who dropped in and enjoyed the fairly mild June weather. Everyone enjoyed free food and a good time. After the event, we visited our friends Lisa and Kevin to see the progress on the nursery. Lisa is now 31 weeks pregnant with twin boys. All seems well - we'll go to their shower next weekend. That should be fun - it will be Bill's first (and probably last) baby shower!! After getting a few things done around the house, we went off for Indian food, then came home and basically crashed.

Sunday was our sleep in day - finally!! We relaxed in the AM, then did chores in the afternoon. We had a fantastic dinner at 18 Seaboard in Raleigh before attending the play Sweet Charity. We saw Molly Ringwald in the lead role as Charity. She isn't a trained dancer, but her voice was really good and I thought she did a great job. There were some very funny scenes, and I thought the set decoration was particularly good. Of course, there was no happy ending for Charity. I'm a girly girl - I like the happy endings.

Bill and I have decided the first weekend in July is our off weekend. We are going to sit at home and do nothing for 2 days. Can't wait!!

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