Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Live from Boston

It has been so long since I updated this blog... Sorry, but I have been too busy. This past weekend was crazy - so crazy that I had to burn a 1/2 personal day last Friday to get my hair done! I just could not get the time in to do it otherwise.

We ran the Komen Race for the Cure on Saturday morning. I set a personal record for time in a 5K race. It's not a great time for a runner in general, but it is the best I have ever done. We also managed to attend my best friend Lisa's baby shower Saturday afternoon. Of course, we also hosted a party to show off our new deck Sunday night with about 15 folks in attendance. It was a very busy weekend. Since then:
1. I found out the a Vice President of our company is committing fraud by using her corporate Amex for personal charges
2. Attended our Team Meeting for work with after meeting fun activity (we went to a park with mini golf, arcade games, etc., and our staff parked in the bar - surprise, surprise)
3. Flew to Boston
4. Spent the day shopping in the downtown area - Yes, I saw a fantastic pair of Prada sandals on sale for $360.00. I couldn't buy them though, since it seemed wrong to buy shoes that cost more tan the airfare to Boston. I may have to go back...

And now, I have had too much wine and am trying desperately to make sense while needing to pee. Guess I will have to read this entry tomorrow and remove anything embarrassing...

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