Thursday, June 14, 2007

Camelot still exists

After a great run this morning (yes, even on vacation I ran - 3 miles around a lake that my wonderful father took me to) I went off on my own in the big city of Boston. I went to the JFK Library and Museum. What a great place. There was so much to see - footage from the presidential election, inaugural addresses, a special exhibit of Jackie Kennedy entertaining at the White House, and so much more. I thoroughly enjoyed looking at all of the artifacts-seating charts, letters, photos, and even dresses. It was a great way to pass the afternoon. I really felt like I belonged in the 60's. Maybe I should have grown up during that era. I love Jackie Kennedy. She was 31 years old when she came to the White House. I can't even imagine being the First Lady at such a young age, let alone one who was known for her class, grace, and style.

After my return to Melrose, we went to see my kid brother play lacrosse. I had never seen lacrosse before, but it has many similarities to hockey. I enjoyed it except for the 50 degree weather. I really feels more like October than June. It is supposed to be warmer later in the weekend - I sure hope it is.

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