Wednesday, May 27, 2009

A Season Ends

Last night, my good friend H and I went to the last game of the Carolina Hurricanes season. We had hoped it would not be the final game, but it was.

The Canes were swept, losing 4 games to none, by the Pittsburgh Penguins in the Eastern Conference Finals. The Canes had pulled off some miraculous play in the post season, beating both New Jersey and Boston (both higher seeded teams) in seven games. I suppose there are only so many miracle to go around. The Canes never seemed to get it together in this round. The Penguins certainly found their stride and simply outplayed the Canes four games in a row. I wish them luck in The Stanley Cup Finals and really do hope they bring the win back to the Eastern Conference.

The thing I love the most about our team and our fans is that despite the fact that the game signified the end of the season, the fans gave the players a standing ovation for the final 1:30 minutes of the season. We were cheering equally as loud as we had in the beginning of the game. I think it is really nice to send the boys off to the summer vacation knowing we love them and we appreciate the ride, even if they didn't nab the Cup. I hope it gave them some solace in the face of defeat.

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