Thursday, May 07, 2009

Cardiac Canes are at it Again

Back in the '02 Stanley Cup run, the Caroline Hurricanes earned the nickname "Cardiac Canes" because of their many games that went to overtime and the many comebacks they earned. I think they are bringing it back for the 2008-09 season.

Last night, the Canes beat the Boston Bruins in overtime to take the series lead 2-1. It was a great overtime. It was very hard fought, and I thought for sure the Bruins were going to score at one point. However, our Canes took the victory with a great follow through from Jossi Jokinen (the hero of Game 4 in the New Jersey series). Jokinen is quickly establishing himself as the go-to guy for the playoff series. I am starting to really like the guy.

Game 4 is tomorrow night. I am trying to see if I can score some last minute tickets for 2 (let me know if you happen to know anything about tickets). I would love to be able to go to one game in each round. I can really see the possibility of another round.

LET'S GO CANES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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