Thursday, May 21, 2009

Liking the new gym

I am really enjoying our new gym.

This evening I went for a fitness consultation. It was an opportunity for me to ask questions about any of the fitness equipment available at the gym. We started off slow and I wondered if I had made a mistake with the appointment. I thought perhaps I would not get much out of it. I mentioned that I was particularly interested in working my core and my upper body. Once he heard this news, we were up and running.

He took me all over the gym floor to point out different pieces of equipment and different exercise I could do to reach my goals. We used rubber balls, mats, free weight, machines, medicine balls, and the floor. I love that I have new ideas and new exercises to try. I have always felt that I never know what to do in the gym, but I have no fears now. I have a good foundation of moves now, and it was all complementary.

I am looking forward to my nutrition evaluation next week. I also plan to take advantage of the free clinics held periodically. There are clinics to highlight upper body, lower body, abs, stretching, and many others. I really think this gym will work for me. I am feeling motivated already.

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Lesley said...

I was just looking at the gym's website again, and found the class schedule--wow! It all looks great! Thinking about joining now. How long was your waiting period?