Thursday, May 14, 2009

Canes: Don't Break my Heart

Well, the Carolina Hurricanes had done the unbelievable. They were leading the top team in the Eastern Conference 3 games to 1 in the second round of the playoffs. It was totally unexpected. Boston had swept Montreal in the first round, and had beaten Carolina all 4 times they met in the regular season. Now, the underdog had the upper hand.

That was last Friday. Now, the Canes have lost 2 games in a row. The series is now tied and Game 7 is tonight. I was at game 6. I paid my money, wore my lucky earrings, sat of the left side of my best hockey buddy, Heather, and they lost. There was a chance to put away the series at home, and they lost. It just looked to me like they had no fire, no urgency to win. Despite the 30+ shots on goal to Boston's 19, the Canes just looked tired. Tonight, they go back to Boston and now each team is desperate for the win. One team will play Pittsburgh for the Eastern Conference Championship, and the other team will start summer vacation.

On Tuesday, my gut was 100% certain that the Canes would win at home. Now, my gut is 100% certain that the Canes will lose in Boston. The Carolina Hurricanes have never lost a Game 7 in franchise history. I am told that the Bruins have never won a Game 7.

My gut is usually wrong. Let's hope the streak continues tonight.

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