Thursday, March 26, 2009

Canes Tie a Team Record

Last night, I attended my second to last hockey game. It was a grudge match between the Carolina Hurricanes and the Ottawa Senators. After two periods, there was no score. I know I was a bit nervous, and maybe others were, too. There was a lot at stake - not only a playoff spot, but also a record. I should not have worried. Ottawa did come out and score the first goal of the game, but the Canes soon answered. The score remained tied for a few minutes until Anton Babchuck let go one of his great booming shots. With some good defense and great saves by Cam Ward, the Carolina Hurricanes won. They remained in fifth place in the Eastern Conference. They also tied a franchise record - nine straight wins at home.

It seems that as soon as I decided to quit my season tickets, the Canes started to pick up their game. Attending hockey games has actually become fun again. Still, I have decided to retire. I just hope I go out on a good note with a strong season finish by my team. I would not mind a new record for games won at home, either.