Friday, March 13, 2009

Why can't I wake up?

Ever since Monday, I have had problems waking up in the morning. I know it is because of daylight savings time. It is so dark in the morning that your mind feels like you should not be getting up. I know others have been having this same problem; Bill hasn't been getting out of bed as quickly and my colleagues have been commenting on the same problem.

It is difficult because we do things in the morning. Our dogs have been getting shorter walks. I had to cut one on my runs this week down because I left the house so late. For the other run, I went as far as I wanted, but I was very late for work. I am ready for the days to get longer. I like waking up to a little bit of daylight. Getting up and going out for a run in the dark is tough.

Thank goodness for the weekends. It should be light when I wake up tomorrow!