Monday, March 09, 2009

Where have you guys been?

The Carolina Hurricanes play tonight, and I will be in the stands to see them with my friend Heather. I am very hopeful that we might see a won tonight against the NY Rangers considering the events of the past few games.

Carolina seems to be on fire. They have outscored opponents in the past three games 20-6. It is like it has finally sunk in that their post season is hanging in the balance. A day ago, this recent surge put them in a 3 way tie for 6th place. As most things go, this placement did not last long, and they are back to #9 - watching the playoffs from the outside.

The tide has really seemed to turn in the past few games. The Canes have been playing quicker, smarter hockey. If only they had been playing like this since October...

So, how long will the Canes on fire last? At least through tonight, I would hope.

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