Sunday, March 08, 2009

Only in NC

On Monday, less that a week ago, we had 2 inches of snow. It was quite unusual for there to be snow here in March, but here it was. I frankly enjoyed it very much because it gave me an extra hour and a half before I had to go to work. Tuesday was bitterly cold. I ran my normal morning run. I had to dodge icy patches all over the sidewalks, and some water from my water bottle even froze while I was running.

Yesterday, it was about 75 degrees here. I went for a morning run with friends wearing just shorts and was too warm in my long sleeved shirt. I even got a little bit sunburned on my face. Today, Bill and I took out our bikes for a nice long ride downtown where we ate outside very comfortably. I almost feel like I should turn the air conditioner on.

Only in NC can you go from one extreme to the other in less than one week. What a great place to live.

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Melanie said...

I know. We got 6 inches in Greensboro. Then 80 today! My daughter enjoyed a nice afternoon at a park next to State's campus.

Crazy NC weather!