Thursday, February 05, 2009

Fair Weather Fan?

I am beginning to wonder if I am a fair weather fan. I have not been very interested in the Canes season this year. For the first time, I bought a season ticket package for just myself. I don't mind going to the games by myself. I take a magazine for the intermissions, and that is really the part of the game when I would miss others. I am starting to find that intermissions are my favorite part of the game.

I am starting to get bored with the hockey. It seems like the same thing over and over again. During the last game I attended, I didn't even stand when the Canes scored. I used to go crazy when I heard that horn. I also didn't stay for the whole game. I left with minutes remaining in the third period while the game was tied. The Canes did win the game -I heard it on the way home. I didn't even miss missing the end. I was just glad to be on my way home.

It sounds to me like the nine year run of being a season ticket holder is coming to an end.

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