Saturday, February 14, 2009

Be My Valentine?

Today is Valentine's Day - a wonderful made up holiday when you tell your loved ones that you love them. This year, I asked my husband that we not exchange gifts or cards, but just spend time with one another.

Of course, my sweet hubby ignored me and got me a very cute card with some wonderful sentiments written inside. He also got me a gift (but said it was from the dogs) of a very creative collage of pictures of my pups. I got him nothing.

I makes me wonder if holidays like Valentine's Day are really just for women. It is an opportunity for our guys to come out and say "Hey - I love you" without having to feel weird about it. They can become extra mushy and it is a good thing. We women even give them extra points for doing this on February 14 versus February 15.

I have been under the weather lately, but I hope to feel better this evening. I want to stick to our original plan to spend time together by having a nice meal out. Of course, we did have a date night just Wednesday night, but it feels like something we should do tonight. After all, aren't those the rules for this made up holiday?

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