Tuesday, September 25, 2007

A Handful of People

In every group I have been a member of, it seems that there are only a handful of people who actually do the work. This fact was abundantly clear last night at our car club meeting.

For months, we have been looking for a volunteer to be the car show director. Jeff had done the job for 4 years, and it was someone else's turn. The committees are already set (including Bill and I heading up registration), but we just need that one person to steer the ship, so to speak. The director would just be the leader, the project manager. The rest of us have experience with our particular duties. Jeff is even willing to help guide the new director. He has 4 years worth of notes ready to pass. By our new count last night, there are 87 members in our club. How many people do you think stood up and accepted the challenge? The same number that did last month - 0. Not one person. It was coming down to the question of whether or not we would even have a car show at all this year.

Miraculously, we received news today that someone did step up and heed our call. Jeff will direct for the 5th time. Wouldn't it have been shocking if someone else really did take the role?

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Maggy said...

"Same ole, same ole". This has happened to us over and over again. Why does this occur?

My husband has been the president of a large group for 30 years. He was guiding the perfect successor, but unfortunately, that much younger man died suddenly of a massive heart attack.

Jeff is a very special person and obviously dedicated. I think many people are concerned about committing to take the lead of a group and the obligations. Some have legitimate concerns, but out of 87 members, you would think someone would volunteer to take over.