Friday, September 14, 2007

Did you miss me?

I can't believe that it has been 9 days since my last post! My aunt sent me an e-mail to make sure I was OK. I am fine, just busy. I have been absolutely slammed at work and busy in the evenings as well. I just could not find 2 minutes to write an entry until now. Here is what is going on:

Running: I have been slacking lately. I have been running during the week, but not so much on the weekends. I have been sleeping in instead. Well, except for last Sunday. I did run in the Friesen 5K Sunday morning. Pete Friesen is the strength coach for the Carolina Hurricanes. He puts on this event for charity. Several Canes players were there, but only 2 ran (Whitney/Brind'Amour). They both finished in about 20 minutes - I finished in about 40. I was dying, but I did run the whole thing. I ran 4 miles yesterday morning, and had an epiphany. My new slogan "Appreciate the Downhills."

Work: We moved 9/6. All went really well, and we are settling in our new building. It is like trading up from a used car 10 years past its prime to a new Lexus. It's not a Mercedes, but definitely better than what we had. My office mate and I have had a great time decorating our office. Our theme is red. Good thing, too, since my teams are all red and black!! Yes, Georgia and the Hurricanes dominate my side of the room.

Hubby: My baby turned 40 on Monday. We went to his folks house Sunday for a birthday dinner. He went to work late Monday morning so we could walk our dog in the morning, then have breakfast together. I made him French Toast. We went to a nice Italian restaurant for dinner. We had a nice time. I think he liked all of his presents, and there is still more to come. We go to Charlotte in 2 weeks for his Richard Petty Driving Experience.

The Junior League: I think I know what happened to the left over Stepford Wives - they all joined the Junior League. The League is like having a part-time job with no pay or benefits. Yet, I go to these JL functions, and everyone is always smiling and so happy to be there! I spent 2 1/2 hours Tuesday night working on the October newsletter, then had to go to a meeting Wednesday night for the new members. I was not smiling.

The Dawgs: Lost to SC and Spurrier last Saturday. They looked horrible. It was a complete turn around from the previous week. I hope this week is better.

The Dog: Sammy is great - furry as usual. She hasn't torn anything up recently.

Well, that's all I have for now. It is 5:30 pm, the end of a long week. I am heading home for a night of sitting in front of the TV watching a movie (The French Connection) and drinking beer (which I have not been able to do with my busy schedule. Bill has been to The Sauce twice without me!). Happy Weekend!!!!


Maggy said...

It's good to see you back on your blog. You are very busy, and it's difficult to keep up the pace every day of the week. Rest is important too.

Glad your move went well, and your office sounds nice and fun. I love your assessment of the Jr. League, so true.

A very Happy Birthday to your dear husband! I didn't know his birthday. Can't wait to hear about the Richard Petty Driving Experience.

Congratulations on your running! You are doing well.

Melanie said...

Welcome back girl! Glad you got your work move over with and everything organized. That can be a big pain.

Happy birthday to hubby!! I know he will like the driving experience. Take some pics!