Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Visiting the Big Boss

On Saturday, Bill, Jon, and I visited Big Boss Brewery for their free brewery tour. Well, yes, there was a tour, but the real reason for visiting was the two free beers we were able to consume! Big Boss likes to make big beers with higher alcohol content. I tried a Hell's Belle Belgium White. Let me say, by the end of the tour, the buzz was definitely going strong!! Not a bad way to spend a Saturday afternoon!!

Photo of Bill and Susan taken by Jon Odgers


Melanie said...

Reminds me of the winery tours we just did in the Yadkin Valley. We just had a Red Oak Brewery open up near Burlington and you can see the big metal containers through the large windows from the highway. I don't like their beer though.

Susan Mo said...

I feel like we have so much in common! We have talked about going up to Yadkin Valley for a weekend, but haven't gone yet. I know exactly where the Red Oak place is - we pass it sometimes. I like one of their beers - the Battlefield Black. We went to their restaurant in Greensboro once. It was OK - not much of a food selection as they tend to focus more on the beer!

racephan said...

Thanks for going. Good times! We'll drag Michelle out next time.