Friday, August 10, 2007

It's a Baseline

So, I haven't had much to say in the past 8 days - sue me! (not really, please, I spent all of my money at Nordstrom). I have a topic now.

I had My First Ever Mammogram this morning (I'm not kidding - that's what they called it in my confirmation letter. Not exactly like My First Baby Doll!) It is definitely an experience. My girlfriend at work sent me a comic strip about a week ago showing a woman whose boobs were shaped like boxes with the caption "She just got a Mammogram." I didn't get it then, but I get it now!! There is nothing quite like standing topless in front of a big X-Ray machine. Luckily, my technician was very good. She explained everything very well and had quite gentle hands.

What a weird thing, though. It's like you have your boob positioned on a shelf, then the upper shelf comes down and it squeezes your boob in the machine. You have to be still and hold your breath while they take the picture. Thank goodness there were only 4 shots. Oh well, I needed it done and I'm glad I did it. I am also glad I don't have to do it every month!


Melanie said...

Hi Susan. I'm a fellow blogger with some of the same interests as you. Thought I would stop by and introduce myself. I am looking to find some new friends on here. I hope to hear from you soon.

Melanie said...

BTW, I had my first mammogram today as well. I had a great tech too and it wasn't so bad. I'm also glad that I don't have to do it every month. :)

Susan Mo said...

Hi Melanie - It's great to meet you, Hope your mammogram results turn out well. Thanks for reading - I'm going to check out yours as well!

Melanie said...

I hope your results turn out okay as well. I work with the tech that did mine so I hope she would have told me if she saw anything out of the ordinary. I am at the beach this week so they will email me if they get the results before I get back.