Thursday, August 30, 2007

Movin' Out

I am convinced that there is nothing worse than moving. Our office is getting ready to move to a new location in 1 week. The place is a total disaster. Folks are packing up, sorting through their stuff, and re-organizing. I have unpacked and re-packed several file boxes, and have spent about 3 hours standing in front of the shredder. I know that we will be in a much better place in a week, but the getting there just stinks.

I am flashing back to last summer when I helped my dad move. It was just horrible. We procrastinated, then at the last minute, had to make the tough decisions about what stays and what gos. The worst part for me was that his house was the storage place for all of my childhood things. We all knew he was going to move for at least six months, but we could never bring ourselves to get ready. So, when I did go through things, I had my step mother there saying things like "What do you really need that for?" I got so tired of her asking questions and giving me that look, that I just started throwing away everything. Later, I went with tears in my eyes to the local Goodwill to see if I could find the nightlight that used to shine in my bedroom when I was a kid. My dad asked me about it before he put it in the box - he was so surprised I would let it go. I was so tired of dealing with stuff - I told him to just take it away. Even more than one year later, I still think about that light and it makes me cry. I really hate moving.


Melanie said...

Some things are just so sentimental. I wish I would have kept my favorite doll. It was a Mrs. Beasley doll, the same one Buffy had on "Family Affair." I can buy one now, but it wouldn't be the same. I wish you still had your night light.

Maggy said...

My office is moving the 1st part of October, and it won't be fun. In addition to all the equipment and materials that need to be moved, it will be sad to leave the lovely location where I have worked for 30 years and move to a high rise office building.

I am very sentimental, as well. I regret selling my walking doll, Peggy, at a garage sale. By that time she was wearing a green velvet, "Christmas dress" that my niece (R) had worn most likely for her 1st Christmas. I have a photo of her wearing it somewhere. Anyway, I felt bad as the lady who bought my doll walked down our driveway to her car. I also went to a thrift store looking for the golf clubs we donated when soon after, a friend wanted them.

In addition, when people are hovering over you while you are sorting through things makes the situation so much more difficult. Those people have no idea what you are going through and the sentimental attachment one has for things. My father contributed to that, and so things were just packed up and are still are not settled after many years.

I wish I had my doll in R's dress, and I wish you had your night light. I know.

Susan Mo said...

Thanks to both of you for your comments. It is good not to be alone in the sentiment of letting something go.

My only solace is something hubby said to me. He said that I needed to imagine a child who had little to nothing who now has my light. I imagine it is bring his or her peace and happiness in the night. I hope both of your dolls are doing the same for a child.

There I go tearing up again!

magnolia_mer said...

One of the things you can do when you have to clean out old stuff is to take a picture of an item. Most of the time we don't really need to have the item itself, but we want to hang on to the memory. Photos save the memory and take up much less space.

Your husband sounds like a cool guy and knew just what to say. That's a blessing.

Melanie said...

Bill said just the right thing. What a guy. I have a pic of me with my doll, and I look so happy in it. I still wish I had the doll though. I do hope it made some other child very happy.