Friday, August 24, 2007

Fathers and Daughters and Politics

I guess there are things that fathers like to believe about their daughters, and mine is no different. Fathers like to believe that their daughters are virgins until they get married (not quite), never done drugs (that's true), and follow in their political footsteps (no way).

Somehow, my father always seems shocked to find out that I am a registered Democrat. I guess I grew up in a household of the GOP, but much like religion, we never really discussed it. I'm not surprised by my own democratic leanings - I have pretty much sided with them since college. It should be of no surprise that I am starting to get very interested in the 2008 elections.

I have no idea who our Democratic candidate will be. Will Hillary make history for all women? Will Barack become the first African American nominee? Will John continue to have great hair? At this point, I don't know. Recent years seem to indicated that the candidate leading at this point in the race (Hillary) is usually not the person to win the nomination. Candidates are one screaming "Yeah!" from losing all momentum. Whoever it will be, I'm sure I will be voting Democrat in November '08. With the mess left behind by Bush, Dad may even vote with me.

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Melanie said...

My oldest daughter will actually get to vote in the next presidential election. I am just glad they came up with the rule that you can't serve more than 2 terms. AMEN!