Monday, November 13, 2006

Yet Another Great Weekend

On Friday, Bill and I had a first. We went with some friends to a restaurant called Sage. The restaurant is 100% vegetarian. It was great fun, and the food was pretty good. I would go back, but I would not pick the same entree I had this time. Of course, the best part was hanging out with our friends and just chatting. It's good to have friends.

Saturday, we got up bright and early. Bill headed to a car show at the fairgrounds, and I headed to the mall (are you really surprised?) I needed to buy clothes for my sweetie for his new job. I have a great morning. I met up with Bill in the afternoon to work the booth for our car club. After that, we were pretty much exhausted and spent the evening at home.

Sunday was a day for reorganizing and catching up. We went to the Carlos Mencia show in the evening. I love the fact that the man is not politically correct and doesn't care. It is so refreshing to hear. The show was great. We tried out The Borough afterward for dinner, then went for a drink at The Flying Saucer. The perfect way to wrap a weekend - beer.

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