Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Fantastic Thanksgiving

Despite all of my stressing, we managed to have a great Thanksgiving. Bill ran in the Turkey Trot in the morning, and did very well in the 8K coming in just under 45 minutes. When he got home, he prepared the stuffing and the bird, and I did the veggie tray and cleaned up a bit. Bill's parents came over, and we had a lovely time. I was able to use all of my inherited Herend China and Sterling Silver. The table never looked so beautiful. After cleaning, we enjoyed a night of TV, though nothing interesting was worth watching.

On Friday, we got up early to have breakfast with Bill's parents before they left. We pretty much stayed around the house all day waiting for the new stove to arrive. Fine day for a new oven, huh? One day after Thanksgiving!! Of course, they did not show up until about 7:15pm, so we stayed home for really no reason. Of course, it is still better than being in the mall. I love to shop, but the day after Thanksgiving is just too much for me! Now, the day after Christmas is a whole other story...

Saturday and Sunday were for decorating the house. All of our multitude of holiday decorations are now in place. I wanted the house to be ready for my book club meeting on Monday night. It was, after a bit of sweat and tears, and a little cursing. Everyone complimented the house, so it was worth it.

From one stress to another - we have to get ready for our Holiday Open House now!! Countdown to December 16 starts now!!

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