Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Thanksgiving is so hard!!!

Thanksgiving seem to be so hard this year. We spent this weekend cleaning the house and buying food. Even after 2 days of cleaning, we had more cleaning to do last night after we got home from running. I guess, though, some of the things we have been doing are not strictly cleaning. Bill has been re-painting the trim to clean it up. I have been polishing all of our pieces including some very old brass bookends. We even bought and assembled 3 new bar stools for our counter. They look great. At least now the guest room is done and the beds are made. The downstairs looks pretty good - just a quick window cleaning for dog nose prints and a vacuuming on Thursday.

The food is coming along as well. We have all the fixings, I just need to get that pumpkin pie baked! Hopefully tomorrow night after we do all of our last minute running around to get the packet for The Turkey Trot. Still, it's the second best holiday of the year, so it's worth it.

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