Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Is my head still there?

Do you ever feel like your head is just going to explode? I have been working on my on-line beginner's writing workshop. The latest task it to use strong words to convey your ideas without being overblown and cliche. It is much harder to do than one would think. I have been looking at 4 sentences for an hour - revising them over and over again. This writing stuff is so much harder than it seems.
To top it off, there is this guy in my class who writes the strangest things. He just critiqued this poor girl and blasted her over a typo!! He spent several sentences stating how much better "owned" would be rather than "wonded". I mean really, like your stupid sentence made no sense whatsoever. I think he just thinks he is a big intellectual. Well, bring it on!!

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