Friday, July 07, 2006


I have been going through lots of old papers that I got when my Dad moved. I have been very lucky to find many old letters and books about my family's history. I have loved reading the letters that my great grandmother sent to my grandmother while she was at college from 1939-1943. It has been fascinating to read about the times - what was going on in their personal lives and what was going on in the world. I have also read the letters that my father sent to my mother while he was stationed in Vietnam. I have read letters that friends and family sent to me while I was in Europe over the summer. It is so sad to think that future generations might not have writing like these letters to read. I guess that is also part of the reason I write this blog - to preserve my thoughts on a daily basis. I just wish that I could talk to all of those folks who are now gone.

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mac1995 said...

I think back to the tons of letters I received from my grandma when I moved away from OH. Over the past 11 years I threw them away thinking they didn't mean anything to me. Now I wish I had them to hear her voice or thoughts after her passing this spring.